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Sep 1, 2016

I'd heard a lot about Logan Rutherford before meeting him. Jeff, my sole Portland friend, loved to hype his brother. The night we finally met face-to-face started with a few ciders and ended with Jameson, laughing all the way home in the early hours. The hype was real; Logan was fantastic company.

He met Patsy less than a year after we first tipped our glasses, proposing to her almost immediately (six months, give or take).

Kiss Me I'm Rutherford

Detail and Itinerary

No wedding site would be complete without a "How We Met" bio. To help coordinate American visitors in a strange land, they wanted a single page to indicate where everyone should be at any hour of the wedding weekend. Logan and Patsy have full control over the times, labels, and order of the itinerary using a custom admin powered by Fae.

Kiss Me I'm Rutherford
Kiss Me I'm Rutherford
Kiss Me I'm Rutherford

Groomsman Ryan Sonderegger provided the watercolor illustrations of Ireland and both birds in flight, the sketch rendering of Mount Juliet, and the LP crest. He designed the wedding invitations with the same elements, so they were used on the site to maintain a cohesive identity.

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