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Aug 7, 2013

I've known David Catt since high school - he was a fellow editor at Shawnee Mission Northwest - and we've always had a solid working relationship, from live broadcasts to swapping stories to commiserating about missed deadlines. So it was an easy "yes" when he approached me about redoing his franternity's outdated website for their upcoming 100 year anniversary.

The most difficult aspect of this project was the lack of content - the house knew what they wanted, but they weren't sure how to produce or include it within the site. The original homepage was original three divisions, and the style guide includes support for events and custom forms, but all of these are only activated on queue. Schedules were ever inconvenient, so the site was completed over six weeks between three meetings - committee chair and alum Jeff Geheb once, David twice.

In the end though, the site's lack of content works to its advantage. The home page is simple, with one, solitary call to action, allowing the visitor's attention to focus on the house transitioning through time. An animation like that would have been much more overwhelming had their been sideburns on the page or excessive text peeking below the fold. They will hopefully add content through the alternate homepage, but for now, the landing works. Adjusting that animation with CSS keyframes was weirdly enjoyable.

Alpha Nu Beta Website

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Alpha Nu Beta Website
Alpha Nu Beta Website

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Alpha Nu Beta Website

The customized WordPress admin allowed events to be added and edited for the anniversary weekend.

The search page queried the events and other pages, such as the House's history.

Alpha Nu Beta Website
Alpha Nu Beta Website

Forms to get in touch with the event's organizers could be inserted into any page with a shortcode. They also collapsed gracefully for smaller screens.

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