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Sep 15, 2014

Slim Gym

After using Slim on the Fringe site and Jade in a handful of wireframing sites, some devs on the team wanted to try the templating engine in their project. With a little magic from Sinatra and some extra weekend time, the Slim Gym was produced.

Open Source 2014
Open Source 2014

Pre-made "Routines" are a shortcut to the perfect <bod>

Leveraging CodeMirror, the micro app is designed to be an interactive sandbox for Slim. It's not bulletproof and easily chokes on large copy-and-pastes, but the scratchpad is the perfect place to get a grasp on the engine's quirks and delights.

The project was released under the MIT license and is available on FINE's Github. It's the perfect compliment to FINE's Slimtax standards.


After diving into syntax and "standards"—something that was never a concern as an independent freelancer—I fell into the wormhole of linters and automatic checking. There were so many linters available, but there was no unified way to use them. After hacking with Rails-less Ruby for a few weekends, I presented the project to FINE's technical director, and he approved the project as an official FINE initiative.

Open Source 2014
Open Source 2014

The command line allows supreme flexibility: linter-specific configuration is not lost, and more advanced front-end tooling (such as performance tests with phantomas) is also available.

Although the project was designed with front-end development in mind, it also has a suite of back-end linters and Rails-specific syntax checks. The project is available from GitHub and RubyGems.

Bitbucket Pull Request Notifier for Hubot

Built out of necessity for FINE's workflow, I spun up a hubot instance and finagled Bitbucket's API to send a message to our Slack channel whenever a pull request is created, commented, declined, merged, updated, approved or unapproved. The package is available from the Hubot scripts organization.

Open Source 2014

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