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May 3, 2014

KU Senior Show

After meeting the organizer of the KU Senior Show - an end-of-college showcase of the Design school's upcoming graduates - at a house party, we brokered a deal. I'd program a website that he'd designed, and in exchange, I'd get a thorough portfolio critique, typical of design students but foreign territory to a journalism kid like me. The critique humbled me immensely, but the trade was a fair one (I may have even gotten the better side in the end).

Each character represents a student, and a click opens a lightbox with their information plus two portfolio pieces. Responsive. Published April 19, 2014. Design by Anthony Schmiedeler.

End of Year Projects
End of Year Projects

Spark KU

In the early Grow days, John Reynolds invited me to a Spark meeting. The founders wanted to bring TEDx to KU, but their application was denied. Instead of giving up, they channeled their existing designs and strategies into a new, impromptu event. John gave me an Illustrator file and after a few hours of hashing over the programmed result with him and Rachel Roth, the co-designer, we had our site.

The circles open speaker information on click, the quotes are an auto slider, and the time at the bottom is a countdown ticker. Responsive. Published April 22, 2014. Design by John Reynolds and Rachel Roth.

End of Year Projects

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