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Zoomin should be the beginning of a grocery store revolution. Drive-thru shopping. How has no one else in America done this yet?

To generate buzz, I was tasked with writing most of the copy between Tumblr posts, email blasts and a full-page newspaper ad.


Most of the illustrations were composed by Jacob Burghart, although graphic designer Andres did a few too. In the beginning, Jake would do one or two, I'd check them out in Google Drive and write three or four potential blog posts before veep Tim or project manager Andrea would choose one. Towards the end, Jake would shoot me an idea he had or a direction he wanted the copy to go in, and we'd work it out together or he would just provide a skeleton and I would proof or tighten it. Below are a few of my favorites where I wrote a significant majority of the copy.

No Bad Apples

Well, what do we have here? Don't give me that. I know your type. Slick. Shiny. Round and friendly. But deep down, you and me both know you've got a rotten core. You're a bad apple, and you've got no business being here.

You see, we keep our streets and our produce stands clean. Void of your kind. Fruit like you can't just roll into town and expect the welcome wagon. You can't hide that off-color bump by rolling over. No sir, this market, this market is different. We're Zoomin, and we take a bite out of crime from villains like you.


Carts. Cows. Unruly animals that you can push, drive and even brand. But if you can stand the company of either for more than an hour, you are a better man than I, good sir.

You see, after a while, wrangling those creatures into their corrales, or pushing them to the food supply, is just a chore.

Skip the line dancing and join us as we roll out the next big idea in grocery.

The Wild Bunch

A tumbleweed listlessly bounds across the deserted street. The saloon doors are closed, locked with curious eyes between the slits. You can almost hear the paint peeling on the dusty hitching post outside the blacksmith shop.

Three outlaws grip their belts high while searching for a challenger in the frightened, helpless town. They've ransacked a dozen other places just like this one, and they're looking for their next score.

Whip! Snap! A brown cloud conceals the trio, and the frightened town's folk let out an anxious gasp as they wait for the dust to settle. Three rotten fruit, bound and hogtied were left at the center of Main.

A schoolmarm called out to the sheriff as he rode away into the sunset, "Thank you, thank you! We didn't know what to do! You saved us!"

"Don't thank me, ma'am. Just doing my job." His badge twinkled "Officer Zoomin" as he disappeared in the horizon.

Email Blasts

Email blasts worked much in the same way, except this time my partner in crime would be John Resman. He'd come up with an idea of what he wanted to say, or just a couple bullet points and then I'd have free reign to fill in the rest. Afterward he'd clean up run-ons and excessive flair before shooting it off through MailChimp.

The next big idea in grocery

Being first isn't always easy. Being first is not about beating everyone to the punch. Being first is recognizing that the status quo is a challenge, not a standard.

Today, we're proud to announce a new first. A refreshing take on a tired rhyme. Zoomin Market is the new standard of the grocery industry.

At Zoomin, we want to change the norm to give you a shopping experience that's more helpful than hassle, more convenience than chore.

Choose your items, and pick up your order on your time. Manage your shopping list and your cart in one, simultaneous step. Find your food by search bar, not by misleading aisle placard. After all, this is the 21st century.

Stay tuned as we post giveaways, construction updates and sneak peaks on Facebook and Twitter during the coming weeks.

Join us as we roll out the next big idea in grocery.

Click. Stow. Go.

Click. Stow. Go.

It's not a slogan - it's your new way of life and how we help you achieve it. It's just three verbs. But it is three verbs that represent the harmonious motions of Zoomin's efficient grocery shopping in the modern era. Welcome to a bold new frontier that makes stressful trips to the store a thing of the past.


Instead of a clunky cart, the click is now taking you through the grocery store. Click some hot dogs and buns, click to add that bottle of mustard on your Grill Out List, click the checkout button and we'll see you soon.


When you show up, enter your four digit number on your receipt and we'll bring your groceries to you. You don't even need to leave the car - we'll stow them in the trunk for you.


And just like that, you're on your way again. Grocery shopping can be a simple, time saving and painless experience after all.

Click. Stow. Go. We're Zoomin, the next big idea in grocery.

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