BCG Blogs and Case Studies

Over the summer we hit a lull, and I converted some of that time to writing up posts for the website. Snippets included below.

Also, my name is Jackson because the company isn't big enough for two Tims.

Why We love Westport

...Technical Director, and part-time carnival barker, Kyle Zarazan's favorite sandwichery Which Wich must be noted as well, even though some argue that this chain is more appropriate for airport terminals when you're really not feeling Sbarro. (Cough cough, me.) The whole bag-and-marker charm wears off by the seventh visit, but it's the loyalty program (double-punch Tuesdays FTW) and the toasted option that sell this joint...

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Case Study: World Waterparks Association

First thing's first: how cool is this? There is a group of people who convene annually for the sole purpose of improving aquatic wonderlands the world over. Basically, they work to make your trip to waterpark unforgettable. This is real, and that is awesome.

In building the World Waterpark Association site, we wanted to communicate the same playful, relaxing nature that comes with a midsummer trip to the pool. Our man with a plan, Brody Dorland, worked with the client to refine a strategy that communicated this, as well the finer details of the convention, such as a schedule page, listings for exhibitors and sessions, and a register page. In addition, WWA also wanted to be able to manage their content dynamically in anticipation of future events, so we put it on a highly-customized WordPress build...

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The Top 7 Things We Found While Cleaning the Office (Took Photos Too)

As a BCG intern, I have many responsibilities. Things like answering the phone, assuming a nickname far from my birth name and fetching Tim's dry cleaning on Thursday afternoons. Not the least of these is cleaning, or "maintaining a productive environment" as described by the job application. Sometimes, on slow Fridays like this one, I discover more than just last year's designated whiteboard marker.


Behind Brock's desk lives a leader, a friend, a husband, a father, a CEO of a great company. But more impressively, there sits this ceramic rooster. It's said that at night, you can hear him pacing the floor, scratching at the wood with his talons, waiting for the next sunrise. Or for Brock to return; whichever comes first...

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Don't Click Here

Don't click here. Or here. Definitely not here.

Like Olivia Wilde in TRON, buttons and links are products of a digital era that don't have a real-life skeuomorphic counterpart. The blue or underlined or rounded-corner hallmarks of these components signal the user to interact and continue to another page.

So, when newsletters and websites and products inevitably tack a "Click here" to the copy, it's an insulting waste of communication.

We get it.

As web veterans, we're conditioned to easily identify the link in the plain text police round-up...

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